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Jar Kit

These kits contain 4 re-usable pieces of mesh and 4 elastic bands, plus easy to follow sprouting instructions. Any size glass jar can be used, making this the most simple and affordable method of sprouting your seeds.

Included is a selection of seeds to begin your journey, Mustard, Japanese Radish, Mung and Italian Salad Mix. (Can change depending on availability)

* Jars/Bottles not included. For use with customers own bottles

General Sprouting Recommendations: Our customers have found that the best place to station your Sprouting Jars are right next to the kitchen sink upside down at a 45 degree angle on a dish draining rack. Some of our customers actually have a rack reserved just for sprouting with a tray underneath to catch the water. Don't worry about too much light. Sprouting can be done under normal indirect light conditions. Please be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight or you'll cook them. Growing microgreens does require more sunlight. Don't try and place your sprout jars in a warm place. Sprouts do best in cool conditions. Never use warm water for any rinse or soak.