SHEA BUTTER (REFINED) - Hand Packed - Vitellaria paradoxa

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Botanical name: Vitellaria paradoxa previously known as butyrospermum parkii
Part used: dried and roasted nut.
Method: crushing and boiling to separate oil
Colour: White to ivory.
Aroma: faint nutty aroma.

Shea butter is available in various grades, the unrefined which is a darker colour is considered the premium, but the refined is used in most products.

Shea butter is solid but permeable at room temperature, leaving a waxy feel on the skin.Shea butter has been highly prized as a beauty aid since ancient Egyptian times, being used then, as today, in many moisturizing products for both hair and skin, as well as in soap manufacturing. It is highly moisturizing, and as it leaves a slight residue on the skin it is particularly good for lip balms etc. Shea butter naturally contains latex, a skin test is recommended if you are sensitive to it.