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Patchouli oil organic Botanical name: Pogostemon cablin

PATCHOULI OIL ORGANIC - Pogostemon cablin

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Botanical name: Pogostemon cablin

Part used: leaves
Method: Steam distillation 
Colour: golden brown, darker with age.
Consistency: medium to thick
Perfumery note: base.
Aroma: Rich, earthy, woody, musky, becoming richer and smoother with age.

  • Patchouli is available as either light or dark. 
  • Light Patchouli is distilled in stainless steel vats, which gives it a lighter colour than the dark which is distilled in cast iron.
  • This has a very slight effect on the scent.


  • Well known as the scent of India as Patchouli was used as a moth repellent on their fabrics.
  • It is an effective general insect repellent.
  • Patchouli is an oil used for both skin and hair, it is considered to be healing, strengthening and balancing.
  • Used topically it is anti-fungal and antibacterial, and acts as an anti inflammatory, so soothes gout and rheumatic pain.
  • Patchouli is used in aromatherapy to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression.
  • It is believed to stimulate hormone production, so is therefore considered an aphrodisiac, affecting both men and women.
  • This oil is a general tonic, but use sparingly as the aroma is very strong, some people find it unpleasant.



Mostly a safe oil but be aware that it may inhibit blood clotting.

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