BASIL HOLY - ocimum tenuiflorum - 100% Pure

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General Information:

  • Name: Basil Holy Essential Oil
  • Botanical Name: Ocimum sanctum
  • Family: Lamiaceae (mint family)
  • Extraction Method: Steam distillation
  • Plant Part: Leaves and flowers
  • Origin: Native to the Indian subcontinent, also known as Tulsi

Appearance and Aroma:

  • Color: Pale yellow to amber
  • Consistency: Thin
  • Aroma: Strong, sweet, and spicy with herbaceous notes

Properties and Components:

  • Therapeutic Properties: Basil Holy essential oil is known for its various therapeutic properties, including:
    • Antimicrobial: Helps inhibit the growth of microorganisms
    • Anti-inflammatory: Reduces inflammation and swelling
    • Antioxidant: Helps protect against free radicals
    • Antispasmodic: Relieves muscle spasms
    • Expectorant: Promotes the removal of excess mucus from the respiratory system
    • Calming: Induces a sense of relaxation and calmness
    • Digestive: Aids digestion and relieves digestive discomfort
  • Major Components: The main chemical constituents found in Basil Holy essential oil are:
    • Eugenol
    • Estragole
    • Linalool
    • Methyl eugenol
    • Beta-caryophyllene