DILL OIL - anethum graveolens - 100% Pure

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Botanical name: Anethum graveolens, sometimes Sowa

Part used: seeds.
Method: Steam distillation.
Colour: yellow to light brown.
Consistency: thin.
perfumery note: middle
Aroma: pungent, spicy, strong dill

  • Dill, both the seeds and leaves, have been used for centuries in food preparation and herbal remedies.
  • Roman soldiers rubbed dill oil on their bodies before going into battle, believing it would strengthen their nerves!
  • Dill seed oil has a high carvone content, which gives it effective antimicrobial properties.
  • Dill oil is added to food, or used on work surfaces, as a disinfectant.
  • Used to disinfect wounds, it will also aid healing.
  • Widely used to aid digestion, help release gas and it is also an antispasmodic, relieving stomach cramps.
  • It can also be used diluted as a mouth wash and gargle for mouth and throat inflammations.
  • The name Dill is derived from the word “dilla”, which means “to lull”, so is believed to aid insomnia, relieve stress and depression.
Carvone, limonene, a-pinene, decanal

Anyone with an allergy to the carrot family should not use dill as they are related.