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Jasmine blend Botanical name: Jasminum officinale

JASMINE BLEND OIL - jasminum grandiflorum

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Jasmine Blend
Botanical name:Jasminum officinale

Part used: Flowers
Method: Enfleurage or solvent extraction.
Colour: Pale yellow
Consistency: Thin to medium.
Perfumery note: Middle.
Aroma: Very sweet, floral, exotic.

  • Jasmine is the national flower of Pakistan, and considered a holy flower by Hindus. The flowers are used in the marriage ceremony in India. 
  • Jasmine oil is used in many commercially produced perfumes.
  • Jasmine is unlikely to be sold as a pure oil as the cost of production is extremely high, the flowers are too delicate for steam distillation, so need to be solvent extracted or by enfleurage.
  • Jasmine oil is primarily used as a sleep aid, also believed to lessen snoring, and as an aphrodisiac. 
  • It is an uplifting oil, so is used to treat depression and anxiety.
  • Applied topically is has antiseptic properties and promotes skin healing.

Do not ingest, or use if pregnant. Avoid high doses as it is a powerful relaxant.

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