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Birch oil (sweet) Botanical name: Betula lenta

BIRCH OIL (SWEET) - Betula lenta - Natural & Untreated

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Birch Oil (SWEET)

Botanical name: Betula lenta
Perfumery Note:
Top to middle
Odor: sharp, minty, fresh; similar to wintergreen
Strength of Initial Aroma: Medium

Birch essential oil, also known as sweet birch oil, is rich in methyl salicylates and has a long history of use for sore and fatigued muscles. The familiar, soothing aroma of birch oil is reminiscent of the inside of a doctor’s bag in the day of house calls. This therapeutically wide-spectrum stimulating and cleansing oil has a bright, refreshing aroma, and can be kept in mind for restoring comfort to the overworked body and the agitated or cloudy mind.

Birch oil is a purifying, uplifting and stimulating oil that encourages detoxification of the body when inhaled or applied topically. The properties in birch essential oil promote comfort and relaxation, and support the body's own ability to boost effectiveness of it’s healing cycles. These properties render it useful in overcoming feelings of sadness, inertia or fear.

Traditionally, applied topically, birch oil was used as an astringent and was recognized for centuries as among the most effective of toners and tighteners of skin. Its active ingredients of salicylic acid and methyl salicylate make this minty, versatile oil an excellent choice for supporting skin health. Consider adding it in very small concentrations to some of your favorite skin care routines.


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