Almond Oil (Sweet) prunus dulcis - Cold Pressed -100% Pure

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Botanical name: Prunus dulcis 
Part used: raw kernels 
Method: cold pressed
Color: pale yellow, almost clear
Viscosity: Medium.
Aroma: Virtually odorless, slightly nutty.

Almonds have been a valuable food source for centuries, and the benefits of the oil are well documented.

There are 2 types of almond, bitter and sweet, only the sweet should be used, and although the bitter has medicinal value it contains a glycoside that becomes toxic when processed by the body.

Sweet almond oil has many applications in the therapeutic and cosmetic industry due to it's high vitamin and monounsaturated fatty acid content.

The oil is produced by crushing, cold pressing the raw almond kernels.This produces a pale yellow oil of medium viscosity which is absorbed quickly. It has a very faint nutty aroma an flavor.



  • Sweet almond is an excellent oil for cosmetic use as it is so high in vitamins and minerals, as well as monounsaturated fats.
  • It is also a mild, light, hypoallergenic oil which is great as a carrier and for massage.
  • For skin care it can be used as a make up remover as it does not block the pores.
  • As it is high in vitamin E it rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin, encouraging cell renewal, thereby reducing signs of aging and sun damage as well as helping to remove dark circles from around the eyes.
  • Almond oil penetrates the skin well and is fully absorbed, so is a great facial moisturizer, especially helpful for eczema and acne suffers.
  • The oil has a SPF of 5, and is also very soothing for sunburned skin.
  • Sweet Almond oil can be used as a hair conditioner, either as a pre-wash treatment, or as a leave in conditioner.
  • Used on the scalp it alleviates dandruff and itchy scalp, rejuvenates hair follicles and prevents hair fall.
  •  Sweet Almond oil is considered by many therapists to be the best carrier oil for massage as it is non irritating and so well absorbed.
  • Only people with a tree nut allergy should not use this oil, but it is otherwise hypoallergenic.



As Sweet Almond oil has analgesic properties massage painful joints and muscles with it, adding an appropriate essential oil.

Warnings; Be cautious If you are allergic to tree nuts.