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Labdanum oil (cistus, rockrose) Botanical name: Cistus ladaniferus

LABDANUM OIL (CISTUS, ROCKROSE) - Cistus ladaniferus

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Labdanum Essential Oil
Botanical name: Cistus Ladaniferus

Also known as Rock rose, Cistus and in the Bible as Rose of Sharon.

Part used: Gum from boiled leaves, twigs and flowers.
Method: Steam distillation
Colour: golden yellow to amber.
Consistency: thin.
Perfumery note: Base

Aroma: fresh, woody, spicy.

Originally the gum of the cistus plants that goats grazed on stuck to their fur and was collected by the herders, who then sold it to be used for incense and perfume.
It is also believed that the Pharaohs used the gum to attach false beards to their chins!
Labdanum essential oil is used primarily in the perfume industry as a fixative, and as a substitute for Ambergris, but it has
many other applications.
It is antiseptic, astringent, a very good skin regenerater, especially beneficial for aging skin.
Used in vapour therapy as an expectorant, it will clear and sooth the resipiratory tract.
Labdanum essential oil is used in aromatherapy for calming and uplifting, and to stabilize mood.

Terpines, a Pinene, Camphene, hexen-1-ol

No warnings but as always it is advised to do a skin test before use, and to be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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